Saturday, December 11, 2010

Quest for the Colbert Nation Teapot Party chapter.

This is a post I put on the CN forum, using my impassioned Colbert style. I really like the idea of Willie doing this, he is one of those special and rare individuals that can bring many different people together, who doesn't love Willie?

The Colbert Nation needs a war room for us cannabis reformers. Having dual passions, Colbert and cannabis(two things that go exceptionally well together) is our strength, we are well situated for the upcoming political battles. The Teapot Party is the spark that lit the final fuse in this long loathsome war, now is the time, the big push is here. It is time to bring down the lunatic policies that corrode our country, our society, our humanity.

We have the advantage, our numbers are now significant, tens of millions strong, we have fact, reason, logic and compassion on our side. They have an arsenal of weapons from guns and war dogs, to helicopters and tanks, we have only the truth we now need the courage to wield it. It is time to sound off and stand up.

This is a call to Colbert Nationals who seek an end to these backwards and irrational prohibitions that have retarded human social evolution, those who understand the grievous damage the War on Drugs has caused. The Colbert Nation is one of the best communities on the webs, and any coalition formed from amongst it's ranks would have to be a force to be considered.

They say every state has a Teapot Party chapter, I say the list is incomplete with out the Colbert Nation being represented, who's in?

I also wanted to provide a space for us to rant, in an effort to spare some threads our fury, we should be moar careful about alienating "middle of the roaders", we will need their support later on.

So have at it Dudes, let us conspire, the time of Yes we Can(nabis) has passed, now is the time of We Will.

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