Colbert Nation

The Colbert Nation is one of my favorite places to hang out on the web. It has an open and exciting forum that lets people of all ideologies debate and interact. All with a comedic backdrop, the outrageous is the order of the day. While sometimes the conversations turn serious, for the most part it is more like a Fryers Club Roast. Quick wit and imagination play a big part, but the issues at hand are important, and the interplay of seriousness and flamboyance is just a lot of fun to me.

My first post Yes we Can(nabis)!, opened me up to some serious scrutiny from some who posted there. It became a big fight, but it was a worthy debate, and I had a lot of fun with it. I really enjoyed the free flow of ideas there.

At some point I decided it was a good place to explore and learn about differing ideas, and test my own. Also I could pretty much throw anything out there and see what happens. There were so many cool people posting that you never knew what humorous spin they could employ. Some of the regulars there just crack me up, they are bright and funny. It became a place to test the limits of right speech, how far could I push the language but maintain an open mind at the same time.

Politically my views have changed enormously because of my interactions on the forum, but the essence of what I am seeking has remained constant. I know what kind of world I want to bring into existence, and some very intelligent people at the CN are helping me figure how I can help that to be.

The only problems I actually encounter there is that many very smart people have little idea what Taoism/Buddhism are really about. Not their fault, it is all over here in the US, there has been so much wrong understanding for so long here. It seems at some point in the past they gave up on figuring Buddhism out and just went with the whole idol worship thing. Most westerners think Buddhism and Taoism are religions, like Bible religions. When by those standards they are not religious at all. In the million words attributed to Gautama not one is "God".

If you are here and know me from the CN, you will see a different side of me here and every where else. I love the Nation, and I love to just chill an raise some good natured havoc. That and I let my inner Walter loose, and go with the more outrageous and aggressive responses, not always, but I go there to play, and say something.