Sunday, December 19, 2010

Long Live the Green Dragon!

It would seem that the Conwall Alliance has declared all out intellectual war against any one, group or thing they veiw as contrary to their gospel. And their latest assault is against "radical environmentalists", which they have given a name, the Cult of the Green Dragon.

While environmentalists focus on Earth Day celebrations and public policy debates and initiatives, the Cornwall Alliance for the Stewardship of Creation is announcing a new initiative, “Resisting the Green Dragon,” that will sound the alarm about dangerous environmental extremism and bring a Biblical viewpoint on environmental issues and creation stewardship to evangelical churches, ministries, and schools.
So while most of us are busy looking for answers to our ecological challenges, they are busy formulating ways to stop us. But I really like the "label", the Green Dragon already sounds familiar, sounds like the perfect name for Mother Earth.

This will be fun as it plays out, there are good hard working environmentalists and humanists doing what needs to be done. They have important work to do, they don't have time to waste on these backwards ideas. But I do, so go ahead keep up the good fight, this Dude will keep them busy. I will switch the ringer for a ringer, and let my compeers stay focused on "saving the Girl".

I am sure others feel as I do, being called a Green Dragon will be a badge of honor, I have already made contact with one Green Dragoneer. I am sure more will follow, think I need to start a strict drug regime to keep my mind limber for the debates ahead.

1 comment:

  1. Hi Rev GMS. Namaste and Peace Be Upon You Fellow of the Green Dragoneer.

    I am so happy that the CRAZY Dominionists have given us such a wonderfully ancient metaphor for saving Mother Earth from their CRAZY agenda to bring on the end time bull shit. We should never forget how nice they are for that,now we must focus on converting as many of the heathen as possible. Focusing on their youth is the smartest thing.

    Lets save our Mother together Brother. Lots of work ahead.


    Pope Terencio